upto 55 % prevention of bearing failures

SIPOAL ensures clean and precise volume of lubricant at each lubrication point at frequent intervals automatically and maintain sufficient level of fresh grease around the bearings or other frictional areas of working machineries so as to reduce the heat generated, prevention of contaminants entry and act as a sealant. Hence, SIPOAL prevents premature bearing failures that occurs due to improper lubrication practices.

upto 25 % reduction in maintenance cost

By eliminating the premature failures of bearings and other frictional components, SIPOALs not only enhances the machinery life but also reduces the cost spent on repairs, lubricants, lubrication downtime, unplanned downtime and manpower which shares enormous part and plays major role on overall maintenance cost of an industry.

upto 15 % improvement in productivity

While unplanned downtime and lubrication downtime are reduced by SIPOAL, the availability of machine, time and manpower will be increased. Thus, these extra resources availability due to the role of SIPOALs can let the opportunity to the industries to improve their productivity to a greater extent thereby leading to higher profits.

upto 90 % reduced risk of accidents

As SIPOAL lubricates every lubrication point automatically, no need of manpower entry to do lubrication for the machinery located in hazardous, risky and difficult-to-access lubrication points. Besides, no lubricants spillage due to no lubricant handling at machinery area. Hence,major causes of accidents such as these prevail are eliminated by SIPOAL.

upto 40% improved environment

SIPOALs are completely closed systems and dispenses controlled volume of lubricant to the needs. Hence, no lubricant spillages on the floor. SIPOAL is equipped with refillable type cartridges and rechargeable type batteries which avoids frequent disposal of materials and moreover, SIPOALs are made of environmental friendly materials for simple and easy disposal.