about us

our history

Our team is a bundled professionals with an average age of 36 years. We are creating our history by the way of combining our many years of expertise gained through a wide range of industrial automation projects globally with the latest Industrial Internet Of Things (IIoT) technologies and developing an innovative, fail-proof, future-ready products for industrial automation needs.

our philosophy

Good quality, good service and low margin brings the huge volume of sales, high level market penetration, everlasting brand reputation in the market and ultimately good business growth.

our management

  • Management has nothing to do with mere titles and functions unless it understands the meaning of “Understanding”. Our management understands dynamic industrial, technical and economical scenarios thereby cater the customers without any compromise.
  • We, and our Authorized Dealers take pride in not only offering quality products and solutions at modest cost, but also in providing best-in-class service with latest communication technologies. Not only prior to the sale but also years thereafter.
  • With our products, expertise and services, we support customers globally in reducing the operational costs whilst improving uptime and productivity of their machines, which subsequently results in higher profitability.

our manufacturing

  • We design and develop all our products in our own manufacturing facility located at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.
  • Each part of the manufacturing works is performed by the expert technicians in the relevant industries, while the components and materials are from the Global leaders in their respective fields. Despite all these quality cautious measures, each of our products undergoes multi-level quality as well as performance tests.

our network

  • Through the dedicated support of Authorized Dealers and Corporate Dealers, our products find their way to a broad spectrum of applications in different market segments across India as well as globally. Our network is designed to focus on cost saving and time saving process of Pre-sales and After-sales services.
  • Through our exclusive e-commerce platform and dedicated authorized dealers, we provide prompt delivery of products and onsite services backed with the very latest communication technologies to have live communications between installed SIPOALs, end user and authorized dealer.
  • In-house technicians or factory trained technicians of dealers install the products and provide after sale support at customer location in the most professional way along with the support of Industrial Internet Of Things (IIoT). We are continuously investing in People, Technology and Machinery to increase productivity, efficiency and quality.

our capabilities

  • Engineered to optimize product durability, quality, and performance within the modest price range
  • Pro-Active to dynamic technology and requirements.
  • Exclusive e-commerce platform for online sales.
  • Cloud based server to control, monitor and exchange performance data of the products lively.
  • Dedicated Mobile App for the users to interface their SIPOALs lively.
  • Customization for application needs.
  • Tailored to meet OEM requirements.
  • Special product developments for application demands.
  • Training and knowledge exchange.
  • Turn-key installation and commissioning and start up support.
  • Product training on regular installation and maintenance.
  • Troubleshooting and repairing, in case of downtimes.
  • Onsite application design and support for customization of system.
  • Custom OEM product design and development.
  • Specialty product development to specific application.